Digital Marketing for Business – Where to Start?

SEO, PPC, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin Ads, Content Writing; there so many different ways to generate business through Digital Marketing but where do you start?

This is one of the questions I get asked almost on a daily basis.

The truth is it really does differ from business to business.

You wouldn’t go to the butchers to buy broccoli, right? Well it’s exactly the same for Digital Marketing.

As an example, I probably wouldn’t suggest for a builder to put all his or her Marketing budget into Linkedin paid Ads.

I am not saying it won’t bring in business, we just want to make sure the builder gets the most value for money when it comes to Online Advertising.

You never know, the butchers might sell vegetables on the side!

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So, how do you get the most value for your budget?

This is quite a hard question and really is a bit of trial and error, when you start.

These are some of the things that have worked for me when running research campaigns for clients:

  • Find out what your top competitors are doing

    Are they running PPC campaigns?
    Are they high up on search engines?
    Are they getting much interaction on Social Media?
    This could give you a good indication with what is working well in your industry.

  • Use Google Analytics

    Find out what keywords are being searched for and how many searches are being made.
    This gives you a good indication of how well a PPC or SEO campaign could potentially perform. Spend a good amount of time with this trialling out different keywords in different variations. For example trial out “Web Design Croydon” as well as “Web Designers in Croydon” etc.
    Also, be aware of who may be searching; you may find that the majority of searches are made by people looking for jobs in your industry instead of people looking to purchase your product or service.

  • Find out where your potential customers spend their time

    Is your company more B2B?
    Maybe most of your potential clients are on Linkedin?
    Do you sell womens’ clothing, for example? Maybe Instagram is the way forward.
    With every platform available that offers paid advertising, you are now able to assess age groups, gender, and which companies people are following.
    Information is so widely available for you to find out what is best suited to you and your business.

After gathering your research information, you have now set yourself the best possible chance of making a success out of your strategy as well as knowing what platforms to concentrate on first.

Once you are up and running with campaigns, it is incredibly important to consistently analyse how well your campaigns are performing and your return rates.

If you haven’t done as well as anticipated, don’t feel disheartened. Switch it up and try something different.

Learning from campaigns will only make you better at future ones!

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Jai Shah

Digital Marketing Expert

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