What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is where a copywriter writes promotional materials for different copy.

Woah, how many times did I just mention the word copy?!

You know all of those emails you receive, a copywriter most likely wrote them.

A copywriter is also responsible for the text on websites, catalogues, brochures, and more.

Being a copywriter is a tough job, hence why it is one of the most highly paid jobs within the writing industry.

Each project is different.

Imagine being asked by a biomedical scientist to write up a whole brochure for their new company.

Unless you are a biomedical scientist yourself, it’s extremely difficult to write about something you don’t know fully.

It’s impossible for everyone to know everything about everything, so the reason why these types of writers get paid so highly is because there is an extensive amount of research involved before any kind of content is written.

Although every copywriter has a voice, it’s secondary to what the projects requirements are.

As an example, the biomedical scientist has now asked you to create all the copy for their new website.

They want the copy to attract an online audience to sign up to their newsletter.

This text will be written completely differently to how it would be if the scientist wanted people to buy a yearly membership with them.

I don’t know what yearly memberships you can get with biomedical scientists but anyway..

All writing is written with intention.

Whether it’s to have a dramatic effect on people, or to sell your services.

With this in mind, that’s why copywriters are sometimes referred to as “the salesperson in print.”

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What Do Copywriters Write About?

As mentioned before, whatever is written by a copywriter is dependent on what project they are working on, but here is an insight on the main areas:


Blogs can be about nearly anything and everything. As long as you have your reader hooked, you’ve succeeded. Normally blogs vary from about 200 – 1800 words.


Email Campaigns are extremely popular. Their purpose is to raise awareness and to prompt some kind of action. They are normally short with some graphic work to grab the attention of the reader.

Website Content

Although there are a lot more regulations when it comes to writing for websites, it’s still something that copywriters can work on.


Being informative as possible to hopefully get people to prompt an action after reading.

Social Media Posts

Writing for social media can sometimes be even harder than writing a whole blog. If there is a limited amount of character text, this can be a difficult task.


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