5 Tips On How To Improve Your Google Local Rankings

Think about the last time you were trying to find a local restaurant.

What did you do?

Probably searched online for “restaurants near me” or something similar to this?

There are 300,000 searches for just one key phrase “restaurants near me” in the UK.

That’s a lot of searches and a lot of opportunities to be found for restaurant businesses.

How do you maximise being found if you are a local business?

Google Local!

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What is Google Local?

Google local is an online platform that advertises businesses within local areas.

The platform has two main purposes – to help businesses increase their online presence and to help consumers engage with local businesses.

The results are located above the organic search results which means you will be first to be seen even above heavily SEO optimised websites.

How much does it cost?

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Tips On How To Improve Your Google Local Rankings:

1. Ensure That All Information is Entered

Although it may sound obvious but making sure that all of your businesses information is entered correctly is key.

Google ranks listings that are the most relevant to the search made.

Having your exact location visible so that people can come and visit you, showing your opening times so they don’t turn up when the business is closed and making sure they know that you serve delicious Japanese food and not roast dinners.

Not only will this help you have appropriate customers but it also helps Google understand your business.

2. Add Local Citations

There are thousands of business directories you can add your business details on.

Each time you input your information to a directory a local citation is created.

The more citations you have on reputable directories the more likely your local page will show up higher up online.

Unlike traditional SEO campaigns where you rely on high authority backlinks, improving your local rankings can be done by getting links from websites local to you.

Of course it helps if you’re running an SEO campaign and have high quality backlinks but combining both will really boost your rankings.

3. Manage Reviews

Asking customers before they leave to review your business on Google is a great way to convert people who are browsing and make them into customers.

If you saw a plumber who had 250 reviews ranging between 3-5 stars, its likely you would give him a call over the plumber next door who has 2 reviews.

The more traction that your Google local page receives, the more it gets ranked.

Also, making sure that you are replying to these reviews is essential as you’re letting Google know that you are still an active business.

4. Link With Your Website

If you have a website, adding your contact details as much as possible can massively help with your local rankings.

This is so that Google recognises your company name is linked with that address and telephone number.

The more times this is entered, the more likely it is that this business is located there which will gain more rankings and increase the company’s online presence.

Also adding a snippet of Google maps to your website can massively help.

Whether this is in the footer section or on the contact page, referencing the same location on Google maps will help your local page.

5. Add Photos

Having photos of what products/services your business provides tells the story of your business.

Whether this comes down to laziness or just having a better understanding from seeing things visually – I don’t know, but it definitely helps.

Having images linked with your Google Local page also allows you to appear on the images section when searching for your particular business as well as on Maps.

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Georgina Coughlan

Marketing Executive

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