How Guest Blogging Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

I feel like now days I spend at least one hour a day writing an article.

Am I going mad?

Should I be concentrating on other aspects of my business?

One hour a day is 20 hours a month which is about 3 days a month dedicated to writing.

Crazy right?

There is method to my madness!

Guest posting is the most important strategy for growing a following for your blog and website which in turn could increase your business exponentially.

All of this without having to sit there and make 100 cold calls a day.

What’s Your SEO Score?

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting literally means writing an article on someone else’s blog or website.

There are two major reasons to do this.

1. Create Backlinks

2. Create Brand Awareness


Creating Backlinks to your website builds your reputation on search engines helping you to increase web rankings for key terms.

Brand Awareness and Trust

The more guest posts you create on different website, the better your online reputation becomes.

This will help you to spread your message not only to readers of your blogs but also people who share your information on social networks as well as other websites.

Simple enough right? But how do you go about getting to post on someone’s website?

Create Relationships

Every blogger needs to consistently add new content to their page. If you are able to add value to their blog or website they will happily have you guest post for them.

How do you find opportunities?

Start by using Google to find websites who want people to guest post on their websites.

Try a few of these searches.

Your Keyword “guest post”

Your Keyword “write for us”

Your Keyword “guest post opportunities”

Your Keyword “submit blog post”

Your Keyword “submit news”

”Your Keyword “become a guest blogger”

Your Keyword “submit article”

After you have found 50-100 blog opportunities, make a list for your own record and email them.

It’s a bit of hard work initially but as you grow relationships with people it will not only become easier to guest post, you will start getting invited to guest post.

You will even get people asking if they can guest post on your website which is fantastic for creating more Backlinks to your web page helping you gain more web awareness.

The key to guest blogging is being consistent with writing content and regularly communicate with bloggers. Within a few months you can create enough contacts and content to get your name or business out there.

For tips on writing a blog have a look at my article on tips for blog writing.


Jai Shah

Digital Marketing Expert

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