5 Tips on Creating a Successful PPC Marketing Campaign

Creating a PPC marketing campaign can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips to make it just a little easier for you.

1. Don’t use broad terms

This is one of the reasons why companies end up with an unsuccessful campaign.

Using broad terms will mean your ad not only appears for the keywords you have chosen but also similar phrases or variations that may not be relevant to you or your business. This will leave you with unwanted clicks costing you more money.

For example, if you owned a Digital Marketing company and you wanted to run a PPC campaign for new business, you might choose a broad key term like “Digital Marketing”. Google and other search engines recognise this key term and will put forward other variations on your behalf.  You may end up paying for other variations like “Digital Marketing Jobs” which will mean people who are looking for Digital Marketing jobs could click your link.

A better key term that is more specific might be “Digital Marketing companies in London.” Not only is this key term cheaper, you will also receive more relevant leads.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Make sure you let the search engines know what key terms you DON’T want to appear for. If you don’t do this, you will end up losing money on irrelevant clicks.

3. Create Landing Pages

Creating landing pages specifically for your key term will help your quality score, making the cost per click cheaper and it also gives you the opportunity to make sure that the landing page is all about the keyword chosen.

For an example, if your key term was “SEO services in London” but the link went to your main page which covers all areas of Digital Marketing you will not be maximizing opportunities. You will get a better return from the keyword if the link went to a landing page that was SEO related or even better, a page that had the keywords ” SEO Services in London”.

4. Use call to actions

I try and use something that will entice my potential customers to capture their email address and other details.

Insightful information works really well.

If they landed on my SEO page, my call to action could be “Get your FREE SEO report today”. Providing something of value will help you turn your PPC traffic to sales.

5. Analyse and Evaluate

Analysing your campaign is essential to succeeding. This will not only tell you what key terms are working best but also what day and what time you are getting the most clicks. This information is incredibly important and will consistently change; staying on top is key to a continued successful campaign.

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Jai Shah

Digital Marketing Expert

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